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Need customized, on-site training? Cerfis has the solution. We develop customized training to be delivered by our team of experts according to your timing, needs and schedule.

» Banker 101 for the Non-Banking Professional

Summary: This session is designed for potential bank investors. At completion, participants will understand the purpose and structure of banks and their supervising agencies and what affects the profitability of a banking institution. Information gained will assist potential investors in making sound investment decisions as well as acquaint them with responsibilities of ownership.
Best suited for: Bank investors and directors
Delivery method: On-site (pre-arranged)
Time required: Two days
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» Time Management

Summary: Acquaints participants with personal behaviors that result in poor utilitzation of time and to offer solutions that, if adopted, results in better productivity, less stress and better life balance.
Best suited for: Anyone who is stressed
Delivery method: On-site (pre-arranged)
Time required: Three hours
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» Banker 101…For the New Banking Professional

Summary: An overview of the banking industry for new banking professionals or those that have been limited in their exposure to financial institution operations.
Best suited for: Individuals new to banking that require a basic understanding of the industry.
Delivery method: On-site (pre-arranged)
Time required: Customized to meet client specific needs
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» Profit Driven Marketing…or Marketing by the Numbers

Summary: This program enables bank marketing professionals to understand and analyze the bank's balance sheet and income statement equipping them with the skills necessary to forecast costs and measure their marketing success over time.
Best suited for: Bank marketers that desire to be more strategic in their thinking
Delivery method: On-site (pre-arranged)
Time required: 3 hours
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